Inaugurated in the spring of 2007 as a new business and cultural venue, Villa del Grumello hosts important initiatives focusing on training, territory development and cultural activities.

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Associazione Villa del Grumello was set up with the aim to spearhead culture, science, education, study and research, spread knowledge and promote the growth of the business and social communities in the Province of Como.

The recently restored Villa del Grumello, which is the headquarters of the Association, is a new focal point for the City of Como and its region and opens its premises to the world of culture and art and to the business community.


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Sviluppo Como is a company created by the Como Chamber of Commerce with the aim to support and boost the socio-economic development of the Como area, by encouraging public and private investment in projects aiming to attract technologically advanced businesses in strategic sectors.

The company encourages the intellectual and professional growth of individuals and businesses and territorial marketing activities, to provide momentum to entrepreneurship and offset the negative trends of recent years.

Growth and development through research, new technologies and the study of new energy sources set the stage for the relaunch promoted by Sviluppo Como.


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ComoNExT is a non profit consortium - its shareholders are Sviluppo Como, Unindustria Como, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and the Municipality of Lomazzo that promotes the development of the territory. In particular, it designed, built and now manages the Science and Technology Park, in the former Somaini cotton mill in Lomazzo (Como).

The STP hosts innovative companies, many of which focus on the environment and renewable energy. Villa del Grumello is the registered office of ComoNExT.


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Como Venture srl is the first venture capital company founded in Como, to invest in highly technological companies, with mid-long term capital participation.

The registered office of Como Venture is Villa del Grumello; the initiative is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Como and realized thanks to Sviluppo Como, with the participation of several local entrepreneurs.


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Fondazione Alessandro Volta for the promotion of the University, Scientific Research, Higher Education and culture was founded in 2015 from the merger of two historical institutions of Como: Centro di Cultura Scientifica Alessandro Volta (The Alessandro Volta Centre for Scientific Culture) and Univercomo - Association for the Promotion of university settlements in the Province of Como.

The aim of the Fondazione is to combine intense activities in schools organization, workshops, seminars and scientific activities with a connecting function between university and research and the cultural, economic and social activities of the territory.

Fondazione Alessandro Volta

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EXPO 2015 was a perfect occasion for Como and its territory to promote development and economy; SistemaComo2015 is a network that brings together institutions and businesses (hospitality, culture, tourism) in the Province of Como, with the goal of connecting them with Milano, the countries participating in EXPO and the many international visitors.